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The Fracchia of the Sammarchesi all over the world


This year, once again, thanks to the precious and generous collaboration of fracchista Emanuele Malizia, on April 7th, during the Good Friday procession, the path if Our Lady of Our Sorrows will be illuminated by the light of the Fracchia pulled by our fellow citizens who now arrive from everywhere for this important event.

A Fracchia, the one devoted to the Sammarchesi in the world, which symbolically stands as a bridge between our city and all of its "children" who have moved elsewhere and who have retained in their hearts memories and affections linked to their land. The Fracchia of the Sammarchesi in the world will be "pulled" by them, the out-of-town fellow devotees who want to try or renew the emotions of being a fracchista, feeling still a part of our community. We therefore invite the emigrant Sammarchesi, their children and grandchildren, to return this year to San Marco in Lamis to take part in the rites of the Holy Week of the town as protagonists and not merely as spectators. Requirements:
1. Minimum age: 15.
2. Origins from San Marco in Lamis.
3. Accept our invitation and fill out the form below.
P.S. In case of a minor's participation, a consent form signed by the parents will be required.